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  Manuel Mota-Castillo,M.D.
This website is my contribution to clarify some of the confusions around the diagnoses and treatments of psychiatric illnesses. As the consultant at a general hospital I deal with the outcomes of diagnostic mistakes and/or faulty treatments. Recently I decided to engage in FT Tele-psychiatry and to close my office. I took such decision because it was becoming too painful to deal with daily desperate calls from parents whose children's behaviors were worsening despite "adequate treatments." Most of them have a common denominator: a Diagnosis of a bogus "co-morbidities" of ADHD with other conditions compounded by medication treatments that had the opposite outcome of the expected effect.
A 2007 Book:  “Protecting your Children from Bad Medicine: How the ADHD Diagnosis has been Abused" was out of print for several years but I decided to hear the advice of a colleague that suggested to reprint it. He said: “It I just fair to show that what is now broadly accepted by most colleagues was the reason for the virulent attacks you had to endure in Arizona, TN and Florida. Most recently an Ebook (see picture) was published on Amazon/Kindle and is available for a symbolic price of US$3.00. Anybody with a regular computer or a Smartphone can download it from

The Debate Goes On
May 10, 2013
Mayo 7, 2013
April 14, 2013
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September 2010
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Opinions, Commentaries and Publications

Academic Papers published by the excellent psychiatrist Dr. Gustavo Vazquez
Childhood Conduct Disorder and Oppositional ... Defiant Disorder Are Common Manifestations of Bipolar Disorder.
Increase in Bipolar Diagnosis in Youth Prompts  Debates and Calls for Research.
ADHD: A Real Disease but a False Epidemic.
This video is a warning call to those affected by mental distress, directly or indirectly. I want to tell a truth that many people and organizations have kept hidden from the public: 8-9 persons diagnosed with ADHD actually have another condition.
Professor Ronald Pies' Selected Papers

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