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This website aims to continue my goal of helping to debunk the myths and misconception in psychiatry.

This site was born out of the inability to get a complete and clear message through the mass media or the scientific journals.  The lay press is not interested and the psychiatric journals, with very few exceptions, are controlled by Peer Reviewers who support the very same fallacies that are denounced here.  Consequently, anything that departs from what they believe to be the "revealed truth" is not good for publication, even when the Editors like the work and think that has merits.

There are not financial ties with pharmaceutical companies or anti-psychiatry groups behind this effort. Its only motivation is a commitment to lessen the pain of thousands of children and adults currently suffering the consequences of wrong diagnoses and faulty treatments. The ultimate goal is to empower patients with the invincible weapon of reliable information to fight those clinicians who refuse to accept new ideas, widely accepted in the field of child psychiatry, i.e., bipolar disorder can occur in children and ADHD is not present in nine out of 10 children attending a clinic.

Your feedback and questions will be highly appreciated.

Manuel Mota-Castillo, M.D.
C & A psychiatrist  
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