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In 2007 a well-intentioned psychiatrist wrote a review of my book. This doctor said that he would not recommend it to his patients because it brings only my opinions without solid research to back up my statements. I don't need to argue his view because the book talks by itself but some parents have opinions that challenge what the doctor said:
These are posting from the website www.ADHDnews.com

Even the Experts can be Wrong:

Posted: 12 November 2008

I have tried for years now on every stimulant, Strattera, Vyvanse, you name it we've tried it. We even tried Risperdal. Side effects from all medicines were intolerable. I am now seeking help for my DS 13 years old. He was taken off all meds this past June. He is in the eighth grade. He has an IEP and I put him in new school this year. Where we left the kids would call him retard, and give him a hard time. (Only because all the students knew he had this and the teachers were always struggling with him and kids act out what they see the teachers from 1st grade treated him.) He is struggling so hard he even got up in the morning last week and asked to be put on medicines again. I told him we were going to do something. So I am currently starting the Feingold diet. I also have an appointment in Florida at the end of December with a doctor Manuel Mota-Castillo. I live in Cincinnati. This doctor wrote a book Protecting Your Child From Bad Medicine. I am waiting on my food list from Feingold. In the meantime I feel helpless . The new school is great. They just wrote a new plan (discipline) on disrupting the class. If he gets 3 warnings and fails to follow directions he is removed from class, and if this happens 2 times in one week he will get lunch detention. (Which is ok) but at the bottom of the page it states that if he is excessive in disrupting the class he can be suspended, expelled, or removed from school. He is not a bad child; he just can't  focus or do almost any work. He is very, very bright. I am fighting the biggest battle of my life. I don't know what else to do.
Any thoughts?

This was a follow up comment
Posted: 18 January 2009  
My son was 6 years old when diagnosed as ADHD. We tried to educate ourselves by checking into medication for this and deciding we would not do meds. Then things continued and we did start medicine in the 2nd grade.
To shorten this story we had testing done at our local Children's hospital. Seen a slew of Drs, psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, sensory integration therapist, we also did parenting classes for how to deal with an ADHD child. (which the latter was the best money we spent during our desire to help  our child) UNTIL NOW. I usually stayed with the same Drs for at least 2 years and when nothing would work ie like side effects after thinking things were better and each drug causing more problems and switching Drs. meds, he is now 13 and we were told when he was 11 that he was ADHD and possibly Bipolar. So he took Risperdal and it seemed to help but his prolactin hormone levels were very high that of a lactating mother. So that med was also discontinued. The Concerta caused paranoia. That was discontinued as well. We went to a new psychiatrist and he said he isn't bipolar he is ODD. I thought that makes more sense than the bipolar claim. So again meds Vyvanse, Strattera, Adderall, not in that order. but again same problem. We took him off all meds this past summer in June. We thought people back in our time if they had it they learned how to cope with it and learned to get along in life... Well, school this past fall (we switched schools for a new beginning as well. he was having problems being class clown and not doing homework he had an IEP that was well worked out for all concerned. He continued to slide down in grades and had numerous Detentions and in school suspensions. I could only see our son failing and falling through the cracks and maybe ending up later in life in jail. So I read a book about helping my son by a doctor in Florida, I called to see if he would see him because we have tried so long to get the help he needed. I even put him on a diet plan prior to this. (I tried everything) We live in Ohio and when I called they said he was not accepting any new patients. I told the receptionist our plight and asked if he could refer me to someone in my area that thought like he did. (His thinking is out of the box). She said to call back next week and she would let me know. When I called back she said if I was willing to come to Florida he would see us. WE went he took 2 hours with us and diagnosis my son with high OCD and Bipolar on the mild spectrum side. He is taking 100mg of Topamax and 6mg Invega. We went there December of 2008.

WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! This child of ours is doing wonderful. Is reasoning well and doing homework, we tell him one time instead of 5 times to do something. He is compliant, respectful, everything I wanted and knew he could be. I am so grateful for this doctor and his book and enabling me to see him. I actually cry because I see for the first time my son is going to have a good life. I also think of the time we wasted waiting for a true diagnosis and the pain my son and our family has gone through. However, I am good now and that is what counts. We are thrilled with the results.

You know after you go to a doctor 15 minutes with a physc and out the door see you next month follow up with the psychologist bi-weekly spend thousand of dollars an I don't understand they say while your child is so sensitive to medications. Every time his old meds were changed I would have to get a pre authorization to be able to get something. That should really be a red flag to all parents and insurance companies that something isn't right
My message here is don't waste time going to doctors that are not able to look at the whole picture because the first dr. diagnosis was the one all of our doctors went with. Never questioning me or the previous doctors diagnosis. This doctor we seen said if it is true ADHD the meds would work. Please seek out a doctor that knows that some of the same symptoms of ADHD are very closely related to other mental issues.

Thanks for reading this and tell someone you know if they cannot get good results with their current situation.
I am loving life more now than ever. I will be a huge supporter and activist for this thinking out of the box. Finally a doctor that's unique.

I find relevant to post these unbiased opinions because, in this particular case, the writer is a nice lady and a responsible mother who would take a not for an answer when it comes to her son.  She is involved with forum like the ADHDnews.com and she could give testimony that when she requested an appointment she was told that I am not accepting new patients. In fact, I only conduct Second Opinions.

I have to say it very clear:  My efforts to fight the establishment's diagnostic confusion are not a pitch for patients...I am not able to take care of more patients and still mantain a responsible service to them.
There is no hidden agenda.  Just one crystal-clear goal:  to educate parents and patients on the issues here discussed.

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