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The Debate Goes On

NIMH vs DSM 5: No One Wins, Patients Lose.

By Allen Frances, MD
10 de mayo de 2013

It does not feel good contradicting a respected professor like Dr. Frances but, even without reading the NIMS's stance, by one simple fact I want join those that reject DSM-5. The brilliant minds that orchestrated the new classification removed the clause that excludes the ADHD diagnosis in the presence of Autism. That, to me, is akin to the Red Line that these days politicians use to refer to the tragic situation in Syria: "You can't do that and expect to go unpunished."
As I say to my patient, if break a leg my limping is not due to a new diagnosis: "Limping Disorder." No Sirs, I have an injured limb that is disrupting my gait!!.
Sadly I continue seeing children with Mental Retardation and/or Autism on heavy amounts of amphetamines and even getting into legal problems (hitting a teacher) because their obsessions and aggressive behaviors are worsened by the increase of dopamine in their brains induced by the stimulants.
It is very possible that many improvements in the diagnostic process will be achieved with the implementation of DSM-5 but I am not motivated to even read it simply for the reason mentioned above. This is a "candidate" that just lost my vote.

Manuel Mota-Castillo, M.D.
Lake Mary, FL | May 11, 2013

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