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Protecting your Children from Bad Medicine:
How the ADHD Diagnosis has been Abused.

Manuel Mota-Castillo, M.D.
Donna Heath, LMHC
Andrew Pittington, Ph.D.

Similar to a book published in 2007 and now out of print, this website is my contribution to clarify some of the confusions around the diagnoses and treatments of psychiatric illnesses. As the consultant at a general hospital I deal with the outcomes of diagnostic mistakes and/or faulty treatments.  In my office, I receive desperate calls from parents whose children's behaviors are worsening despite "adequate treatments." Most of them have a common denominator: a Diagnosis of a bogus "co-morbidities" of ADHD with other conditions compounded by drug combinations with adversarial effects.

My goal is to open a dialogue with patients, their relatives as well as mental health practitioners on controversial topics such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, the so-called Treatment-Resistant Depression and the pseudo-diagnoses Oppositional-Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder.
I want to answer questions to those who feel they are "talking to a wall" or that the psychiatric evaluation they had was equivalent to a "drive-through shopping", as one of my patient described her encounter with the doctor who diagnosed her daughter as "ODD, ADHD, Asperger Disorder and Bipolar".   Individuals  in  her  situation  need to hear that ADHD can no be
Drawn by an 8-year-old girl taking Ritalin, while she was paranoid.         diagnosed  in  the  presence of  a  Pervasive  Developmental  Disorder
                                                           such as Asperger) and that medications for ADHD will worsen the symptoms of Autistic Disorder, Asperger or any type of obsession.  
They also can feel vindicated when told that "hyperness, inattention and impulsivity" are symptoms of bipolar disorder and several other illnesses and not exclusive features of ADHD, as the psychiatric establishment have failed to clarify.  
By the same token, despite all the pressure posed by some of the pharmaceutical companies to validate a dangerous theory, anti-depressive drugs DOES WORSEN the course of bipolar illness and could lead to suicide by triggering manic episodes, when prescribed to bipolar patients.  In other words, antidepressants DOES NOT CAUSE suicidal thoughts in patients with depression or anxiety, without bipolar disorder.  
I welcome your questions but also you are invited to read some of the papers published in psychiatric journals, which are available in this website, because possibly you will find the answers to your concerns. Finally, if you really want to know more details about psychiatric treatments in children, please take a few minutes to read several of the papers already published and reproduced in this website. I do not make any measurable profit from this effort but spreading the truth gives me an enormous gratification that money can't buy.
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