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This was my response to a posting by Dr. Jon Barron in the website  :

I want to thank you for quoting my book in your commentary.  At the same time, I would like to express how surprised I am by the comment attributed to Dr. Peter Jensen. If he is concerned about the effect of Risperdal on developing brains why I don't hear the same preocupation about the consequences of given a cocaine-like drug to little children?

Ritalin is like a clone of cocaine and induces a surge of dopamine in the brain, which is the substance that Risperdal blocks.  This drug (dopamine) is given to premature babies when they are in septic shock in NICU and none long-lasting neurological damage has been reported.  On the other hand, when a person is expossed to cocaine, aggressive behavior, paranoia, impulsivity, etc. are increased.

Ten years ago, Dr. Peter Bregin said in a CBS News interview that giving Risperdal to a child was equivalent to a lobotomy. A decade later I don't see the data corroborating the fears of those who defend the inflated prevalence of ADHD and refuse to accept that bipolar parents can have bipolar children.  What I see is many adolescents throw into the legal system because their violent behavior continue to be "treated" with amphetamines and then blamed for not getting better "despite adecuate treatment."

If that is not unfair I would like to know what is it.


Manuel Mota-Castillo, M.D.
Lake Mary, Florida

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