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Why Aren't There Any Celebrity Psychiatrists?

By H. Steven Moffic, MD


Actually, Dr. Moffic, for a long time I have asked myself the same question but, in fact, there is a celebrity psychiatrist in L.A., Dr. Drew Pinsky. Ironically one of his TV shows was titled "Celebrity Rehab."  He is also a regular participant in several CNN shows as an expert on cases were famous people are claiming to be sexual addicts, among other things.  

Going back to your question, in 2007 I wrote to Sirius satellite radio to suggest the idea of the show to answer general questions from their Spanish channel's audience but they didn't like the idea. Most recently, my friend and Spanish TV celebrity, Dr. Nancy Alvarez was planning to join efforts with me and a common friend, Dr. Segundo Imbert, to launch a radio show in "La Mega." The potential producers found many obstacles to sell the show, even though we were planning to do it pro-bono. I bring this up because I think this is an important topic. Real psychiatrists should be feeding information to the public to balance the "Dr. Phil effect."

I have watched one or two episodes of this business mogul's show and found disturbing how he blames parents for behaviors that are the product of a mental illness which requires psychiatric intervention, not just strong parental will. Dr. Phil's approach, in my view, leaves the parents with a sense of failure and blames children and adolescent for actions that are beyond volitional control. I equal his views to hoping for sugar control using meditation in a Juvenile diabetic.

On the other hand, Dr. Frederick Godwin host "The Infinite Mind" radio show but we need more participation of our specialty in the media, hopefully on TV. Maybe Dr. Moffic becomes motivated by this discussion and starts what could be a celebrated "Ask the Psychiatrist" new show.

Manuel Mota-Castillo
Lake Mary, FL

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